Transsexual Performer Mia Isabella’s Voice Featured In GTA 5!

Transformation USA presents Grand Theft Auto 5!

Transformation USA presents Mia Isabella!

H/T – User Seanchai at HungAngels and Xbiz Online

Some great news was just released over at Xbiz and brought to our attention at HungAngels about one of the most beautiful Transsexual Performers in the industry. Mia Isabella has been amazing her Fans with her uniquely styled porn for many years now and remains a girl that you can count on for beautiful sets with a glamor appeal. Xbiz reports that the smash hit, “Grand Theft Auto V”, the latest in the GTA series published by Rock Star Games and Take Two Interactive, features the vocal talents of Mia Isabella as “Prostitute #1”.

I am a converted console gamer, and although I haven’t really gotten into the GTA series, this news will definitely influence my decision to give it another try. I would encourage those of you who are gamers to do the same. I think it is always important to help support industries like this who are giving opportunities to Transgendered individuals. I wasn’t going to add my $59.99 to the… what… ONE BILLION dollars the game has already made but you know, it is worth it to me to throw my dollars behind a project that recognizes the talents within the Transgendered community.

Our congratulations to Mia Isabella for playing her part in the making of this massively popular video game, and we wish her all the best success in her future endeavors. If you’re interested in seeing more from this lovely Transsexual Performer, please make sure you check out Mia Isabella’s Official Porn Site.

If you would like to read the original story posted at Xbiz and filed by Rhett Pardon, click HERE.

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