Transgender Queen Octavia Shows Her Strength On Watch Wigs!

Transformation USA presents Octavia on Watch Wigs!

I finally got curious after seeing these commercials for Watch Wigs (WIGS) every so often on TV and decided to check out the website. It is actually pretty interesting with some compelling shows that some of you may enjoy. I hope though, that you’ll check out “Octavia”, which is in the DOCS section of the site, and is described as “The story of an outspoken Transgender woman living in LA.” Personally, I think it is a bit more than that. “Octavia” is pretty short so I’m not going to go into a lot of detail here about the show as I urge you to check it out for yourselves.

It is no secret that Transgendered individuals are often portrayed negatively in media, whether they are being mis-gendered or serving as the butt of a joke. It is also becoming far too often these days, that one can read about the latest Transgendered person being beaten or even killed among the headlines of the day. That being said, and as tragic as those instances are, I really dislike it when the Transgendered community is portrayed as victims.

WIGS is a website that describes itself as (bold mine), “…including 15 high-end original series, 7 short films, and 10 documentaries, all starring female leads.” I think the inclusion of a story like “Octavia” in the documentary section shows an acceptance and embracing of the Transgendered community by the creators of WIGS, and that is to be applauded. Something else that I can readily applaud about the story of Octavia is their portrayal of a “flawed” but honest and strong individual who does not portray herself as a victim of her surroundings and life experiences.

I think I have become so jaded by media portrayals of Transsexuals and Transgendered individuals that when I first started watching “Octavia” (it is short – about 15 minutes), I was almost immediately turned off, thinking it was headed towards the “poor me – I have to be a prostitute” angle, which is far too common. Now, I realize that for some individuals, this is a reality of life, and believe me… I’ve been there, done that. Still, I find it somewhat disconcerting that this lifestyle is almost encouraged when it comes to Transgendered individuals – often by other Transgendered individuals. The real story of Octavia is that she realizes full well that she is making, and has made choices in her life that she takes responsibility for. I think this is a story that many more Transgendered persons could stand to learn a lesson or two from – the choices we make today are the responsibilities we engender tomorrow.

Octavia herself is one of the few happy stories that you’ll find portrayed among the Transgendered community by the media. With her “can conquer” spirit and pragmatic approach to life, I think this strong, confident, Transwoman can serve as a model to us all that life, despite the hardships we all face, can be overcome with determination and grit.

You can check out “Octavia” on Watch Wigs

Please let the people at Watch Wigs know that you enjoyed “Octavia” and would like to see more programming featuring Transgendered individuals!

Krissy Kyung
Contributing Editor
Transformation Magazine

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