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Transformation Magazine - Issue 93

Transformation Magazine is a subsidiary of Centurian Publishing and is the leading entertainment, print magazine that revolves specifically around the Transgendered communities. The magazine embraces all things having to do with the “classy, sassy, and a little bit trashy” sides of leading a Transgendered life and contains articles focusing on everything from tips for Crossdressers as well as serious articles about leading a normal, safe, and sane life as a Transgendered individual. Transformation Magazine has been serving its readers since 1969, which makes it also the longest running Transgendered adult entertainment magazine in the world!

Transformation Magazine has featured cover models ranging from famous Transsexual Pornstars such as Joanna Jet, Wendy Williams, and Gia Darling to well-known Drag Performers including Raja, William Belli, and Sonique Kylie Love (who currently identifies as Transsexual). More recently, girls who are at the tops of their game have been featured, including Jesse Flores, Venus Lux, Sunshyne Monroe, and TS Foxxy. While these girls have graced the covers recently and have gorgeous pictorials in the magazine, I think our readers can really appreciate the great interviews we conduct with them and we hope to continue to be an avenue for Fans of Transsexual porn to get to know the girls they love away from their lives as Transsexual Pornstars.

We’re working hard to create, add, and include more interesting articles here at Transformation Magazine for all those involved within the Transgendered spectrum. Transgendered life, largely unknown to and misunderstood by the general public, can be difficult to both understand and explain. Transformation Magazine hopes to serve as an informational magazine for those curious about Transgendered living and Transsexual individuals. Whether you know it or not, chances are you are friends with, or at least know somebody who would identify as someone falling under the large umbrella of “Transgendered”. For those who do identify as Transgendered, we can help provide you with answers to some of the questions you may have or have encountered as you life your life. Our Staff and Contributors are made up largely of individuals who identify as Transgendered in some way and we hope you will gain some knowledge and acceptance by finding those with similar stories to your own.

Please understand that Transformation Magazine is made up of individuals with different backgrounds and histories. The opinion of an individual Staff Member or Contributor to the magazine or online articles may not represent the entire belief system of Centurian Publishing and / or Transformation Magazine. We encourage all our Staff and Contributors to be honest, open, and diligent in their articles, whether embracing the fun, light side of life or tackling the more serious issues revolving around the CD/TV/TS communities. We hope you will find our publication to be fun, helpful, and entertaining and we welcome your feedback and input (please use our Contact Us page).

Thanks for your continuing support of Transformation Magazine!


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    • Dianna Hunt on December 27, 2014 at 1:01 pm
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    Hello my name is Syren. I was wondering about how to go about getting older issues of the magazine like say from the late 1990s my best friend and I appeared in the magazine and she is no longer with us she passed away in 2007.I’m just trying to put some things together as a remembrance of her and myself. If you can help me I would really appreciate it. Her name is Jasmine in the magazine and mine is Syren thank you I appreciate your time.

  1. How do i subscribe to this magazine? I use to have a subscription.

    1. You can order online right here: http://centurianonline.com/4-issue-subscription-to-transformation/ and if you would like to contact us in person you can find our phone number and address here: http://centurianonline.com/shipping-returns/

    • Steven Bohensky on March 23, 2015 at 10:16 am
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    I enjoy TRANSFORMATION MAGAZINE, and will subscribe to your MAGAZINE next month.

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