Transformation Magazine Issue 87 Is Now On Sale!

Transformation Magazine - Issue 87

Transformation Magazine: Issue 87 is now on sale so swing on by Centurian Online and pick up your copy today! This month’s issue is power packed with some really great articles including two introductory articles featuring myself (Krissy Kyung) and new contributor Michelle Austin. We’ve also got a great interview with Victoria Veil and some review of events and clubs to read.

Transformation Magazine: Issue 87 features Lady Bunny on the cover, making quite the statement in one of her awesome, trademarked wigs. You’ll definitely enjoy getting to know Lady Bunny a bit more in our in-depth interview and perhaps you’ll learn a thing or two about this famous and iconic Drag Queen, DJ, and event promoter!

Krissy Kyung
Contributing Editor
Transformation Magazine

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