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One of our goals here at Transformation Magazine is to showcase the wide variety of talent, beauty, and people that are found within the Transgendered spectrum. Our Staff and Contributors reflect our desire to highlight and give voice to all individuals who identify as Transgendered and / or care deeply about the Transgendered communities. We are always interested in expanding our writing staff so if you think you have something to say, please use our CONTACT US page and let us know! Some of our Staff and Contributors, for reasons of privacy, wish to remain out of the spotlight but the following is a list of those who don’t mind basking in a little public glory :).

In Alphabetical Order

Michelle Austin writes for Transformation Magazine!

We welcomed Michelle Austin as a Columnist for Transformation Magazine in September 2013. Her column is called, “TGirl’s Life” and is an inspiring, autobiographical advice column for Transgendered individuals. Michelle has been writing for many years and has written articles for other Trans magazines under a variety of pseudonyms in the past. She has been living full time as a Trans-woman for over twelve years and has been active in the Transsexual porn industry for the past three. Michelle is happy to give our readers an insight into her life and experiences of being a Transgender girl.

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