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I spend quite a bit of time at my computer each day and I like to have a little background noise on while I am typing away so Netflix and Hulu Plus are invaluable tools for me. Actually, I’ve always liked watching TV and movies anyway, which probably stems from my parental units having one of those “half hour of TV each day” rules while I was growing up. Now I probably have the TV on about 4 hours each day! Let that be a lesson to you all you parents out there!

Anyway, I’ve always been a fan of Chloë Sevigny’s work and I think she is easily one of the most interesting Actresses in Hollywood, both from a style perspective and as a person. Her quirky characters are always entertaining and well acted and of course, as a Pacific Northwest girl, I love her appearances as Alexandra in the show, Portlandia. In 2012, Chloë played a Transgendered Assassin named Mia in the British TV Show created by Paul Abbott for Sky Atlantic, Hit & Miss, which I watched in one sitting on Netflix on one of our cold, rainy days here in the Pacific Northwest.

I don’t want to give too much away since it was such a short lived series and one that you should definitely check out. Chloë does a wonderful job playing the role of Mia and her character has just the right mixture of vulnerability and steel that you would think a cold-blooded killer needs. There are many other great supporting cast members in Hit & Miss as well and the intertwining stories are engaging. I wish the show had not been cancelled since by the end of the series the characters and drama were just beginning to heat up, but it appears the world is just not ready quite yet for a show with a Transgendered girl in the lead role.

As much as I do love Chloë Sevigny, one does have to wonder why Paul Abbott didn’t cast an actual Transgendered individual to play the role of Mia. Is the pool of Transgendered talent so small that not one Actress could be found to fulfill the role requirements? According to the Wikipedia entry for Hit & Miss, Chloë expressed some concern about taking the role of Mia because she was worried about (negative?) reactions from the Transgender community. One has to at least applaud Chloë for taking that into consideration and one can hardly blame an Actress for taking on a challenging and risky role like Mia. The producer for the show, Nicola Shindler is quoted in the article as saying that while a Transgendered Actress was considered for the role, “…in the end, we wanted the best actor.”

Personally, I have mixed feelings on this decision and from the reading I have done, there is somewhat of a debate in the Transgendered community regarding Transgendered roles being limited to Transgendered persons. It’s an interesting debate. While I believe that Transgendered individuals need to start stepping out into the mainstream; and obviously, entertainment is a big part of that, the couch potato in me agrees with Nicola in that the best Actor / Actress should be cast, regardless of gender identity. What do you all think?

For those who were wondering this whole time… Yes, there is a pretty graphic depiction of Mia in Hit & Miss, and it is definitely a shot that will make you hit “pause” to take a closer look :). Anyway, check out Hit & Miss on Netflix if you have a chance and the show is now available on DVD and Blu-Ray as well. I think it is important to support shows like this whenever possible so pick up a copy and add it to your collection if you can.

Krissy Kyung
Contributing Editor
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