September 2013 archive

Becoming Chaz: Found In Transition

Transformation USA presents Becoming Chaz: Found In Transition.

To my chagrin, I have to admit that until about four or five years ago when the name “Buck Angel” started to cross my radar as I began blogging more about Transsexual porn, it barely even crossed my mind that Transgendered individuals included Trans-Men as well as Trans-Women. I would venture a guess that many …

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Chloë Sevigny As Trangender Assassin Mia In Hit & Miss

I spend quite a bit of time at my computer each day and I like to have a little background noise on while I am typing away so Netflix and Hulu Plus are invaluable tools for me. Actually, I’ve always liked watching TV and movies anyway, which probably stems from my parental units having one …

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Transformation Magazine: Issue 86 Is Now Available!

Transformation Magazine: Issue 86 is now available, featuring the gorgeous Sonique Kylie Love (RuPaul’s Drag Race: Season 2) on the cover! Make sure you pick up a copy for yourself today from Centurian Publishing and do yourself a favor, save some cash, and buy yourself a subscription while you’re at it! As a new member …

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Pick Up Your Copy Of Transformation Magazine: Issue 85!

Transformation USA presents Shemale Pornstar Jesse Flores!

Transformation Magazine: Issue 85 features the beautiful Shemale Pornstar Jesse Flores on the cover and this issue is hot, Hot, HOT! Make sure you pick up a copy for yourself, and now that I think about it, better get two because one of them will be saturated with drool in no time! TS Jesse is …

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Venus Lux On The Cover Of Transformation Magazine: Issue 84!

Transformation USA presents Venus Lux on Transformation Magazine!

Venus Lux was the featured cover girl for Transformation Magazine: Issue 84, and we were very proud to feature this Transsexual model, performer, and entrepreneur. With over 30 scenes shot for most major Transsexual porn production companies, and the ambition and drive to do even more, Venus Lux is well on her way to becoming …

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Soak Up Sunshyne Monroe On Transformation Magazine: Issue 83!

Transformation USA presents Sunshyne Monroe on Transformation Magazine!

Everyone likes to spend a little time in the sunshine getting warm, but that phrase takes on a whole new meaning with Transsexual Performer Sunshyne Monroe, who steamed up the cover of Transformation Magazine: Issue 83! I can only imagine how many Fans of Sunshyne Monroe would just love to spend some time soaking up …

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The Hardest Girl In TS Porn On Transformation Magazine: Issue 82!

Transformation USA presents TS Foxxy on Transformation Magazine!

TS Foxxy is the hardest performer in TS porn, but don’t take my word for it. Just take a look at her win for Best Hardcore Performer at the 2012 Tranny Awards and it is pretty clear that this girl loves her job! TS Foxxy was featured as the cover girl on Transformation Magazine: Issue …

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