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Pick Up A Copy Of Transformation Magazine 93 Today!

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Make sure you pick up the latest copy of Transformation Magazine featuring the beautiful Kylie Maria and Kelly Klaymour on the covers! This issue of Transformation Magazine has the staff of Grooby Productions taking things over and acting as guest editors for the entire issue. So, if you’ve ever wanted to get a little glimpse inside the world of Transsexual porn, pick up a copy and read some great articles written by and about some of the industry insiders.

Kylie Maria… all I can really say is, “WoW – what a total Beauty!” There is a pretty good reason as to why Kylie Maria finds herself the winner of the “Shemale Yum Model of the Year” award at this year’s 2015 Transgender Erotica Awards with that cute body of hers. As she was onstage accepting the award, I think it was nearly impossible not to smile at just how completely adorable she was. One of my current favorites, and no doubt soon to be one of yours as well! Check her out in this spectacular issue of Transformation Magazine, and don’t forget to check out the exit eye candy of Kelly Klaymour as well!


Jul 30

Townhall’s Tipsheeter: “I Sympathize With Those Who Suffer…Gender Confusion…”

Time’s Transgender: “God Has A Plan… My Work Is Just To Submit To That Plan” –, Tipsheet, Greg Hengler

This short article penned on Townhall by one of their Tipsheet authors, Greg Hengler, really demonstrates the ignorance of many on the religious right when it comes to Transgender issues. I’m not familiar with the author but I do have to confess that I find the News Editor of the site, Katie Pavlich to be a fascinating, interesting, and oftentimes logical woman who truly believes what she says. I don’t agree with her on all the issues she raises but I’ve always found her to be respectful, in proportion, when it comes to others with differing points of view; strong and forceful in winning her argument but never as flagrantly disrespectful as I found this article.

Mr. Hengler seems to have put very little thought into what he is actually writing in this article. Instead of a serious commentary invoking discussion of being a Transgender individual who also happens to believe in God, the article comes across as a hastily written piece meant to collect a few pats on the back from like minded individuals in a friendly environment. If any question is to be begged here, it is why Mr. Hengler has taken it upon himself to question the religious beliefs of an individual who does not affect him personally in the least.

Let’s begin with this gem of a quote from Mr. Hengler:

I sympathize with those who suffer deep pain over gender confusion, but when Laverne Cox states, ‘God has a plan for you that you can’t even imagine for yourself, and a lot of my work is just to submit to that plan.’ it begs the question as to why he isn’t embracing his birth gender as a central dimension of God’s will for his sexual identity.

Here is a note to Mr. Hengler. You don’t “sympathize” with someone suffering from pain; however much you believe them, and then continue to slip a knife between their ribs every now and then just for the fun of it. The fact that he uses masculine pronouns repeatedly shows a complete lack of sympathy for the struggles that Ms. Cox has faced throughout her life, and largely overcome. Even further than that though, it just shows a completely lack of respect for the person that Mr. Hengler is writing the actual article about. How easy is it to use the proper pronouns when referring to an individual who wishes to identify as female? What great moral imposition would doing so be to Mr. Hengler’s religious beliefs, which clearly he has mastered.

Mr. Hengler goes on to state:

When transgender individuals declare their sex to be a mistake, they are repudiating God’s own verdict on His creation and His plan for humanity.

I am so tired of hearing this line of reasoning from the religious right. While on the surface this sounds like an infallible truth (it does invoke “God” after all), a true understanding of this argument can only conclude that Mr. Hengler believes that “God” actively, and if I may add as opinion, sadistically heaps suffering on the crowning achievement of His Creation. This completely dismisses the foundational Christian beliefs of free will and the concept of sin’s introduction into the world. Is all medicine to relieve suffering simply a “repudiation” of “His plan for humanity”? Should we mere mortals simply accept our chosen lots in life as “…God’s own verdict”? If Mr. Hengler has ever taken an aspirin to relieve a headache, his statement is worthless except as rote religious dogma. Let’s talk about the equality of all sin in the eyes of God before we go about accusing Transgender individuals of “…repudiating God’s own verdict.”

In closing Mr. Hengler writes:

Let’s face it, when submission is rooted in your own heart and will, you are not submitting to God but to yourself.

How about arrogance, Mr. Hengler? How about judgement, Mr. Hengler? How about love, Mr. Hengler? Instead of coming across as a lightweight when it comes to understanding a religion you clearly profess, how about doing some introspection and asking yourself if your God is truly happy about setting yourself up as judge and jury over your fellow human beings? I’d say that is clearly more of a repudiation of God’s role in our lives than anything Ms. Cox stated, wouldn’t you?

Nov 07

Mark Your Calendars For The 6th Annual Tranny Awards Party!

Transformation USA presents the 2013 Tranny Awards!

Transformation Magazine was a proud sponsor of the 2012 Tranny Awards and we are planning to again be attending and sponsoring the 2013 Tranny Awards in Los Angeles on Sunday, February 16th, 2014. We would urge all persons who can attend the show to do so. It is simply one experience that you will remember for a lifetime and seldom will you see more gorgeous girls assembled together in one room and have the chance to hit them up for a friendly chat.

We’re proud to be a part of sponsoring the 2013 Tranny Awards and we hope to see many of our readers there along with the girls, industry persons, and most importantly, THE FANS! Head on over to the Official Tranny Awards Website for more information on attending as well as for links to where you can buy tickets to the show and after party.

Krissy Kyung
Contributing Editor
Transformation Magazine

Nov 04

Transformation Magazine Issue 87 Is Now On Sale!

Transformation Magazine - Issue 87

Transformation Magazine: Issue 87 is now on sale so swing on by Centurian Online and pick up your copy today! This month’s issue is power packed with some really great articles including two introductory articles featuring myself (Krissy Kyung) and new contributor Michelle Austin. We’ve also got a great interview with Victoria Veil and some review of events and clubs to read.

Transformation Magazine: Issue 87 features Lady Bunny on the cover, making quite the statement in one of her awesome, trademarked wigs. You’ll definitely enjoy getting to know Lady Bunny a bit more in our in-depth interview and perhaps you’ll learn a thing or two about this famous and iconic Drag Queen, DJ, and event promoter!

Krissy Kyung
Contributing Editor
Transformation Magazine

Nov 02

Transgendered Queen Octavia Shows Her Strength On Watch Wigs!

Transformation USA presents Octavia on Watch Wigs!

I finally got curious after seeing these commercials for Watch Wigs (WIGS) every so often on TV and decided to check out the website. It is actually pretty interesting with some compelling shows that some of you may enjoy. I hope though, that you’ll check out “Octavia”, which is in the DOCS section of the site, and is described as “The story of an outspoken Transgender woman living in LA.” Personally, I think it is a bit more than that. “Octavia” is pretty short so I’m not going to go into a lot of detail here about the show as I urge you to check it out for yourselves.

It is no secret that Transgendered individuals are often portrayed negatively in media, whether they are being mis-gendered or serving as the butt of a joke. It is also becoming far too often these days, that one can read about the latest Transgendered person being beaten or even killed among the headlines of the day. That being said, and as tragic as those instances are, I really dislike it when the Transgendered community is portrayed as victims.

WIGS is a website that describes itself as (bold mine), “…including 15 high-end original series, 7 short films, and 10 documentaries, all starring female leads.” I think the inclusion of a story like “Octavia” in the documentary section shows an acceptance and embracing of the Transgendered community by the creators of WIGS, and that is to be applauded. Something else that I can readily applaud about the story of Octavia is their portrayal of a “flawed” but honest and strong individual who does not portray herself as a victim of her surroundings and life experiences.

I think I have become so jaded by media portrayals of Transsexuals and Transgendered individuals that when I first started watching “Octavia” (it is short – about 15 minutes), I was almost immediately turned off, thinking it was headed towards the “poor me – I have to be a prostitute” angle, which is far too common. Now, I realize that for some individuals, this is a reality of life, and believe me… I’ve been there, done that. Still, I find it somewhat disconcerting that this lifestyle is almost encouraged when it comes to Transgendered individuals – often by other Transgendered individuals. The real story of Octavia is that she realizes full well that she is making, and has made choices in her life that she takes responsibility for. I think this is a story that many more Transgendered persons could stand to learn a lesson or two from – the choices we make today are the responsibilities we engender tomorrow.

Octavia herself is one of the few happy stories that you’ll find portrayed among the Transgendered community by the media. With her “can conquer” spirit and pragmatic approach to life, I think this strong, confident, Transwoman can serve as a model to us all that life, despite the hardships we all face, can be overcome with determination and grit.

You can check out “Octavia” on Watch Wigs

Please let the people at Watch Wigs know that you enjoyed “Octavia” and would like to see more programming featuring Transgendered individuals!

Krissy Kyung
Contributing Editor
Transformation Magazine

Oct 02

Transsexual Performer Mia Isabella’s Voice Featured In GTA 5!

Transformation USA presents Grand Theft Auto 5!

Transformation USA presents Mia Isabella!

H/T – User Seanchai at HungAngels and Xbiz Online

Some great news was just released over at Xbiz and brought to our attention at HungAngels about one of the most beautiful Transsexual Performers in the industry. Mia Isabella has been amazing her Fans with her uniquely styled porn for many years now and remains a girl that you can count on for beautiful sets with a glamor appeal. Xbiz reports that the smash hit, “Grand Theft Auto V”, the latest in the GTA series published by Rock Star Games and Take Two Interactive, features the vocal talents of Mia Isabella as “Prostitute #1″.

I am a converted console gamer, and although I haven’t really gotten into the GTA series, this news will definitely influence my decision to give it another try. I would encourage those of you who are gamers to do the same. I think it is always important to help support industries like this who are giving opportunities to Transgendered individuals. I wasn’t going to add my $59.99 to the… what… ONE BILLION dollars the game has already made but you know, it is worth it to me to throw my dollars behind a project that recognizes the talents within the Transgendered community.

Our congratulations to Mia Isabella for playing her part in the making of this massively popular video game, and we wish her all the best success in her future endeavors. If you’re interested in seeing more from this lovely Transsexual Performer, please make sure you check out Mia Isabella’s Official Porn Site.

If you would like to read the original story posted at Xbiz and filed by Rhett Pardon, click HERE.

Krissy Kyung
Contributing Editor
Transformation Magazine

Sep 22

Becoming Chaz: Found In Transition

Transformation USA presents Becoming Chaz: Found In Transition.

To my chagrin, I have to admit that until about four or five years ago when the name “Buck Angel” started to cross my radar as I began blogging more about Transsexual porn, it barely even crossed my mind that Transgendered individuals included Trans-Men as well as Trans-Women. I would venture a guess that many people out there have similar thought processes as I used to have, which is that Trans-Men, or Female-To-Male (FTM) Transsexuals, are relegated to the back, behind the more visual and public figures of Trans-Women, or Male-To-Female Transsexuals (MTF), especially with the growing popularity of Transsexual porn. Even more recently, when you could read about Chaz Bono and his transition process in just about every major magazine and newspaper across the country; again, to my chagrin, I barely paid attention to the details.

It wasn’t like I was ignoring or downplaying the importance of a celebrity like Chaz Bono bringing the issues of Trans-Men to the public, but I think subconsciously, my own thoughts demonstrate pretty clearly the fact that even among Transgendered individuals, there is an unfortunate disconnect among the communities. When I saw the documentary, “Becoming Chaz: Found In Transition” pop up in Netflix recently, I couldn’t wait to sit down and check it out; partially because it sounded entertaining, but also partially because the research that I’ve done about Trans-Men is pretty paltry in comparison to the hundreds of hours I’ve spent researching Trans-Women, and I’m always for expanding my knowledge base about all Transgendered issues.

“Becoming Chaz: Found In Transition” is the engaging and thought provoking story of the only child of Sonny and Cher. It follows Chaz through his more recent years of life, beginning with his decision to undergo top surgery (breast removal) and continuing though his transitional process as a Trans-Man. Honestly, I really didn’t know what I expected from watching “Becoming Chaz”; but what I found was an entirely engaging, fascinating, and heart-wrenching story. One of the things that is becoming more and more prevalent these days it seems, is documentaries that are more activism than documentary… which irritates me. In “Becoming Chaz”, I think there is an honesty that pours out through the characters (largely Chaz himself and his [now former] partner, Jenny) that is refreshing to see. There is a moment when Cher is being interviewed about her son’s transition that is so engaging that it will have you almost pushing yourself into the corner of your couch to get away from the awkwardness and I think it is moments like this in “Becoming Chaz” that really make the story real and honest.

Personally, the most eye-opening and profound moments in the documentary were the interviews with Cher. While there are few of them scattered throughout the film, I think her interviews will immediately stand out to those of you who identify in some way as part of the Transgendered community. Cher repeatedly, and one could almost argue, purposefully, refers to Chaz as “she” and “her” throughout the movie, and while she has somewhat of an epiphany regarding the usage of proper pronouns later on in the film, it is like nails on a chalkboard when you hear such a celebrated icon, especially to the LGBT community, repeatedly use the incorrect pronouns when referring to Chaz. If you’re anything like me, you’ll find yourself shouting at the screen, “It is HE! It is HIM!” I found it completely fascinating that such a public supporter of the LGBT community would have such a difficult time coming to grips personally with a Member of her own family going through the transitional process.

“Becoming Chaz” is certainly worth watching, both for informational purposes as well as entertainment purposes. I kind of regret not watching “Dancing With The Stars”, which featured Chaz Bono in the 13th season now, as he comes across in the documentary as a very real, down-to-earth, and honest person who I would have liked to learn more about. For those of you, who like me, find themselves somewhat under-educated when it comes to Trans-Men and the processes and issues affecting them, watching this documentary is a great way to get your feet wet. I’m not sure where I’ll go from here as far as continuing my education regarding Trans-Men goes, but I would encourage all persons who identify as Transgendered to learn and understand more about their fellow brothers and sisters. It is only through education and understanding that we can begin to come together as one Community instead of the fractured and disconnected communities that exist today.

“Becoming Chaz: Found In Transition” is available now on DVD and Netflix.

Krissy Kyung
Contributing Editor
Transformation Magazine

Sep 18

Chloë Sevigny As Trangendered Assassin Mia In Hit & Miss

Transformation USA presents Hit & Miss

I spend quite a bit of time at my computer each day and I like to have a little background noise on while I am typing away so Netflix and Hulu Plus are invaluable tools for me. Actually, I’ve always liked watching TV and movies anyway, which probably stems from my parental units having one of those “half hour of TV each day” rules while I was growing up. Now I probably have the TV on about 4 hours each day! Let that be a lesson to you all you parents out there!

Anyway, I’ve always been a fan of Chloë Sevigny’s work and I think she is easily one of the most interesting Actresses in Hollywood, both from a style perspective and as a person. Her quirky characters are always entertaining and well acted and of course, as a Pacific Northwest girl, I love her appearances as Alexandra in the show, Portlandia. In 2012, Chloë played a Transgendered Assassin named Mia in the British TV Show created by Paul Abbott for Sky Atlantic, Hit & Miss, which I watched in one sitting on Netflix on one of our cold, rainy days here in the Pacific Northwest.

I don’t want to give too much away since it was such a short lived series and one that you should definitely check out. Chloë does a wonderful job playing the role of Mia and her character has just the right mixture of vulnerability and steel that you would think a cold-blooded killer needs. There are many other great supporting cast members in Hit & Miss as well and the intertwining stories are engaging. I wish the show had not been cancelled since by the end of the series the characters and drama were just beginning to heat up, but it appears the world is just not ready quite yet for a show with a Transgendered girl in the lead role.

As much as I do love Chloë Sevigny, one does have to wonder why Paul Abbott didn’t cast an actual Transgendered individual to play the role of Mia. Is the pool of Transgendered talent so small that not one Actress could be found to fulfill the role requirements? According to the Wikipedia entry for Hit & Miss, Chloë expressed some concern about taking the role of Mia because she was worried about (negative?) reactions from the Transgender community. One has to at least applaud Chloë for taking that into consideration and one can hardly blame an Actress for taking on a challenging and risky role like Mia. The producer for the show, Nicola Shindler is quoted in the article as saying that while a Transgendered Actress was considered for the role, “…in the end, we wanted the best actor.”

Personally, I have mixed feelings on this decision and from the reading I have done, there is somewhat of a debate in the Transgendered community regarding Transgendered roles being limited to Transgendered persons. It’s an interesting debate. While I believe that Transgendered individuals need to start stepping out into the mainstream; and obviously, entertainment is a big part of that, the couch potato in me agrees with Nicola in that the best Actor / Actress should be cast, regardless of gender identity. What do you all think?

For those who were wondering this whole time… Yes, there is a pretty graphic depiction of Mia in Hit & Miss, and it is definitely a shot that will make you hit “pause” to take a closer look :). Anyway, check out Hit & Miss on Netflix if you have a chance and the show is now available on DVD and Blu-Ray as well. I think it is important to support shows like this whenever possible so pick up a copy and add it to your collection if you can.

Krissy Kyung
Contributing Editor
Transformation Magazine

Sep 14

Transformation Magazine: Issue 86 Is Now Available!

Transformation Magazine - Issue 86

Transformation Magazine: Issue 86 is now available, featuring the gorgeous Sonique Kylie Love (RuPaul’s Drag Race: Season 2) on the cover! Make sure you pick up a copy for yourself today from Centurian Publishing and do yourself a favor, save some cash, and buy yourself a subscription while you’re at it! As a new member of the team behind Transformation Magazine, I have to say, I am thoroughly impressed with the quality of the print edition of this magazine, and we’re in the process of making things even better!

Transformation Magazine is the leading print magazine for all things Transgendered, from serious articles about transitioning to more salacious articles having to do with Transsexual porn. We’re serious about bringing our readers the very best of what is affecting the CD/TV/TG/TS communities and also news about how we’re affecting the world! This is an exciting time for Transgendered individuals with lots of great news making the headlines. I hope you’ll come back and visit us here at Transformation USA for previews of articles as well as a whole bunch more! But seriously, go get yourself a copy of Transformation Magazine: Issue 86 right now!

Krissy Kyung
Contributing Editor
Transformation Magazine

Sep 12

Pick Up Your Copy Of Transformation Magazine: Issue 85!

Transformation USA presents Shemale Pornstar Jesse Flores!

Transformation Magazine: Issue 85 features the beautiful Shemale Pornstar Jesse Flores on the cover and this issue is hot, Hot, HOT! Make sure you pick up a copy for yourself, and now that I think about it, better get two because one of them will be saturated with drool in no time!

TS Jesse is one of the most beautiful girls working in Transsexual porn and also the recipient of the Best Solo Site Award at the 2012 Tranny Awards. While you’re waiting for your copy of Transformation Magazine: Issue 85 to show up in your mail, why don’t you check out TS Jesse’s Official Site as well!

Krissy Kyung
Contributing Editor
Transformation Magazine

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